A basic corset is a simpler version of an authentic corset. It is a good choice if you are shopping for a first corset or a beginner's corset. It is also the most affordable option. A basic corset is made with a less complicated pattern than an authentic corset. It is made out of one layer of fabric and has light weight boning for support. This corset will push up your bust and help define your waist. It will fit snugly rather than tightly, but will not dramatically change your silhouette. Basic corsets are sized by bust size; often the same as the number size on your bra.


An authentic corset is the read deal! Designed to provide the traditional hourglass shape made popular during the Victorian era, an authentic corset will support your bust and define your waist. Made with a special pattern, sturdy, high quality materials and all steel boning, a corset is an investment that will last for years. Authentic corsets are sized by waist  size and should be purchased appx. 4" smaller than your natural waist.


Every corset is different, so make sure to read each description to find the corset that is perfect for you! If you need advice, just e-mail us with a budget, colour preferences and your measurements and we will be happy to help you pick out the perfect corset!


Corsets have been worn in various forms for centuries, helping women to achieve  a fashionable silhouette. Today, corsets have made a comeback! No longer worn as  an undergarment, modern corsets are meant to be seen. Historic inspiration and  distinct styling combine to create unique garments, appropriate to wear for  various occasions. Whether you need a corset for a special occasion, to make a  fashion statement, or to wear under your regular clothing, we offer a wide  selection of unique, high quality, durable corsets that are sure to fulfill all  your needs. Corsets make stunning bridalwear, elegant eveningwear and  provocative lingerie. Classic and always original, let Nightshade Corsets help  you look your best. Over 15 years of experience fitting corsets to customers of  all shapes, sizes and sexes has resulted in the most comprehensive selection of  corsets available.