Corset 1437 Cream

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Our most heavy duty cincher, this corset features 25 spiral steel bones for shape, support, and to eliminate the corset from buckling. Latex with soft cotton lining ensures a tight yet comfortable fit.  3-row adjustable hook & eye front for tightening over time. A smooth back without lacing makes this corset easy to hide under clothing. Wear with a bra of your choice.

Front length: 11"

We recommend you purchase 2" smaller than your natural waist. 

How to measure your waist:

  • To determine where your natural waistline is, tie a string around your waist, bend over and then stand up straight again. The string will automatically roll to your waistline. This will probably be on or above your belly button.
  • Breathe normally and do not suck in your stomach.
  • Use a soft measuring tape.
  • Hold the measuring tape snugly around the string, and make sure it does not dig into your skin or sag down at the sides or back.
  • An accurate measurement is very important, as it will determine how well your new corset will fit.

Important tips:

  • Your natural waist is not where you wear your pants. Do not measure where you think you waist is; use the instructions above.
  • Your waist measurement is not the same as your jeans size. Do not use that size instead of properly measuring your waist.


Please consult your physician before making any changes to your exercise program.