NuBra 0888

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A backless, strapless bra is absolutely perfect to wear with a corset! This seamless, self adhesive bra will help to add shape and create cleavage while remaining invisible. It has a front closure.
The outer shell is made of fabric like a regular bra and is completely smooth and invisible under clothing. The inner shell is made using pressure sensitive medical adhesive that once washed, regenerates itself and allows the wearer up to 100 times of repeated applications. This adhesive is FDA approved and has been clinically proven to be safe and skin friendly.
When you’re not wearing it with your corset, you will undoubtedly find countless other garments to wear it with. A must have for every fashion conscious women’s wardrobe, the NuBra provides a soft and natural look. No more unsightly shoulder straps or back pinching while wearing the latest revealing fashions.
Our customers rave about this bra!